Canada Faq's

What are the advantages of studying in Canada?

Canada education system put forward a wide range of quality education institutions. Canada has a multicultural society supporting and respecting customs and traditions of different cultures. The wide series of universities provide a varied range of courses. New skills, better job prospects, and high salaries are the promises given to the students by each of Canadian universities. The university education gives a long lasting reward to each student.

My qualification is, am I eligible for applying to Canadian universities?

For applying to Canadian universities for master´s program 16 years of education is mandatory. Students with three years Bachelor´s Degree like B.Sc/ are eligible for admission into PG Diploma programs with a minimum score of 6.5/9 bands in IELTS.

What is Student Partnership program (SPP) program?

The Student Partners Program (SPP) is a pilot project designed and implemented in partnership between the Canadian visa offices in India and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC).

Can I work while I am studying?

Canada provides work permit to students which allow them to work off campus. The work permit, however, restricts the working hours to 20 hours a week during academic sessions. During extended vacations no restrictions are given.

Are Scholarships available?

Canada provides a lot of merit based and institution based scholarship programs. Students who excel in their studies are awarded with these scholarships irrespective of their physical or financial conditions. Other criteria for the selection of students are based on their participation in extracurricular activities and outstanding athletic abilities. Academic scholarships, Athletic scholarships and scholarships for overseas or foreign students are the different types of scholarships offered in Canada.

Do I need to attend an interview for Canadian visa?

Canadian student visa application is through VFS drop box. Once the immigration officer has reviewed your application, they decide if an interview is necessary. If so, the visa officer will provide details of the time and place.

Can I work after studies?

Once the student gets his visa and after completing two years course, they may be eligible up to 3 years open work permit.

I have finished two years of my program in my home country. I would like to finish the last year of my program in Canada. Will a Canadian institution accept my first two years of study and allow me to start in the third year of the program in Canada?

Each university in Canada has its own policy regarding transfer credits from other institutions. Contact the university directly to find out which transfer credits, if any, can be applied towards your intended program of study. You may also want to research if your current institution has any agreements with institutions in Canada that would allow for credit recognition. The international relations office of your University may be able to help in that regard.