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British Columbia Unveils Plan to Attract 47,000 International Students in 4 Years

British Colombia´s Premier, Christy Clark, has committed to providing C$5 million toward scholarships and research internships as the province unveils details of how it plans to attract 47,000 additional international students over the next four years, a number that would represent a 50 percent increase in enrollments.

Under the plan, almost half of that increase will come from enrollments in private-language schools, 30 percent from public post-secondary institutions, 12 percent from private post-secondary and 13 percent in K-12. In an effort to achieve those targets, the province will give a one-time $700,000 grant to a program that helps attract and support international students to do research internships at B.C. universities. It will also grant $2.3 million to a program that helps graduate students from both B.C. and abroad undertake research internships in the province.

The government also says that it will embark on a marketing strategy to increase international awareness of B.C. as an education destination. B.C. currently attracts about 94,000 international students to the province. In a related move, the government will also give $2 million for a grant program to help B.C. post-secondary students pursue an education abroad.

Vancouver Sun

May 30, 2012