Statement of Purpose / ESSAYS:

Why Statement of Purpose and Why Essays?

Statement of Purpose is an important element in the Application process, it sums up the student´s focus on studies his short term and long term academic goals, clarity of thought, his achievements and his struggle as to how he/she overcame hurdles with respect to the goals that he/she has set to achieve their goals. Personal Statement or Statement of Purpose also defines and to what made the student choose that particular Country, Program and lastly the University, what influenced him/her to apply for that Particular University and Program which matches his academic goals and how will the student get the benefits of enrolling in that particular University/Program. A well written SOP word limit is recommended not be more than 1000 to 1200 words.


Essays are the most important Application component asked by Business Schools and also by few Top Universities for Undergraduate Programs and sometimes few Universities insist for Essays for MS programs as well for ex-LLM (Master in Law or MS MIS etc).

An essay varies depending on the specific topic asked by the Universities/Business Schools with specific limit of words. Topics are mostly hypothetical questions, it could relate to their future goals or their short term and long term goals, which has to be defined within the word limit asked by the Universities. There is a slight difference between SOP and Essay, SOP sums up in total about his educational background, his achievements, short term and long term and his purpose for studies(2 page limit), here in an Essay, the student might not necessarily be asked to state his purpose of studies rather, student will be asked to highlight and analyze himself in a situation, where he would see himself after 5 to 10 years or to evaluate about his strength and weaknesses and how he is going to address a crisis situation or what are his immediate short term and long term goals and an Essay should be written specific to the topic the word limit sometime ranges from 200 to 400 words depending upon the Schools and Programs.