USA Faq's

Why should one prefer to study abroad?

Studying abroad provides an opportunity to study the latest curriculum for better career prospects, an opportunity to study at the world renowned Universities, an opportunity to work on latest research projects, an opportunity to be exposed to different environment and culture and also an opportunity to confidently pursue global careers.

What are the pre-requisites to get an admission in USA?

A student should have completed 16 years of education, if you intend to pursue a Master´s Degree, you need to take TOEFL, GRE Tests as prerequisites, and for Management Programs GMAT. A student should have completed 10+2 to do a Bachelor´s Degree and take Mandatory Tests such as TOEFL and SAT.

I have completed my Degree through distance education. Do I have a chance to get into Master´s Program in any USA?

Most of the universities will not consider the Open University degrees. Only regular courses, recognized by the Universities are accepted. It´s not possible to apply to USA Universities.

I have completed my B.Com; Can I pursue MBA in USA University?

Yes, but you need to do Pre-MBA or Bridge Program for the first one -year as you have only 15 years of educational back ground. Then continue with your MBA for another 2 Years. You also have to take-up TOEFL and GMAT tests.

I am planning for BS in USA so do I need to qualify in TOEFL and GRE?

Since you are planning for BS in USA, you need to write TOEFL and SAT exams .TOEFL & GRE is required for applying to Master´s program in USA.

Can I get guaranteed admission with scholarship?

Scholarship is purely based on merit; we cannot assure admission with guaranteed scholarship. You can file early application then you will have maximum chances of admission with scholarship.

Based on what factors do you select the University?

Selection of Universities is a personalized affair. As each individual student will have his own profile. The academics, scores, interests differ vastly from student to student. Hence, only after you attend personal counseling and after assessing your strengths and weakness & also taking your interests into consideration, Universities will be selected

How important are the statement of purpose and the recommendation letters?

The statement of purpose and the recommendation letters are the key documents for the academic committee to favorably consider your application. They need to be well written as they give the University insights about yourself and your qualities. You have to explain your academic back ground, area of interest & your future plans.

How early should I apply for scholarship?

Almost 8-12 months in advance you have to apply to catch the scholarship deadlines. Scholarships are granted based on the academic profile, GRE scores & how early you apply to the university is also important.

Taking education loan is an advantage/disadvantage?

Taking Education loan is always an advantage. At the time of visa interview, if you show lakhs of rupees in the savings account at a time & not able to prove the source of funds then the chances of visa rejection is high. So if you show maximum amount as education loan then it is easy to convince the visa officer.