The last two decades witnessed a turnaround in the Educational system across the Globe emerging of new technologies have given birth to new courses such as Bio Informatics, Mechatronics, Interactive Design Media, Product Design, Nano Technologies, Control Systems, Micro Electronics, specialization in Aviation and Marine Engineering, Defence Education, Fashion Design and Arts, food Technology etc., a wide variation, in addition to the regular engineering courses such as Electrical/Mechanical/Aerospace/Civil/Computer Engg/Chemical etc.

VISU for the past three decades have placed more than 1,50,000 students admission placements at various Universities worldwide, this year too there is good inclination of students wanting to pursue higher education abroad mainly to US,GERMANY and CANADA

  • Explore Many Institutions worldwide offering Various Programs in the field of Business, Engineering and Sciences, , Biotechnology, computing and Information Technology, Arts and Design courses.
  • For Parent’s there are a few major concerns, when sending their wards to these colleges abroad countries, students and their parents are interested in pursuing/placing their wards at higher education Institutes abroad, while exploring options they are pretty confused to select the course, Program, destination and are not sure which course will put them on fast track career growth. Here at VISU, we will dispel all their fear and myths associated on the following aspects.
  • Admission Process
    (How to apply? Which Country would be appropriate? What is the ROI (Return of Investment) career wise? How can we avail educational loan for funding higher education from financial Institutions? Are there any countries. Which do not charge tuition fees, if yes, what are the eligibility criteria to apply in such countries?
  • Priority Processing for Early Registered Students.
  • Visa Guidance (Only in Mock sessions and providing checklist and scrutiny)
  • Study/Work/PR opportunities in CANADA and many more….

Students interested in pursuing higher education abroad are pretty confused to select the course, Program, destination and are not sure which course will put them on fast track career growth.

At VISU specialists have been tracking these developments systematically to guide the students based on their Academics, the course/Program University that they have to pursue for a better future. Students can utilize this service with a host of other services like VISA Guidance, Bank, loans, Insurance, Travel, International SIM Cards and expert training for GRE, TOEFL &IELTS, SAT, GMAT.

Students can avail complete information on their eligibility to apply at various Countries mentioned above the criteria of grades, entrance tests like GRE,GMAT,SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, how much score is required, what will be financial planning required to study at these colleges of various countries and the Visa procedures etc.